Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music
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Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a musical person. At the age of seven, I started taking piano lessons. When I was a teenager, I began singing solos at community events. Not surprisingly, I adore wind chimes. Every time the wind blows, these beautiful music makers spring into action. Their soothing, melodious, and high pitched sound calms and refreshes me. I am amazed at the amount of eclectic wind chimes available for sale at various retailers. One can enjoy the music of pig, cat, or even seashell themed wind chimes. If you know someone who enjoys natural harmonies, wind chimes make a perfect gift. On this blog, you will discover how to buy the right set of wind chimes for your loved one. Enjoy!

Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Staging Tips For Homeowners Trying To Sell

Tyler Morgan

Staging a home is all about showing interested buyers the potential of your own living space. It's about accentuating its strengths and drawing attention away from its weaknesses. Following these steps will help you get ready to sell your home later this year. 

Clean Everything

Cleaning well is one of the most important parts of staging your home. Go through all your normal cleaning routines before open house events, and also clean parts of your house that are only cleaned once or twice per year. For example, wash your curtains and clean your windows, get your carpet professionally cleaned, wash down your walls, and clean the upholstery. The goal is to make your house seem naturally fresh and sanitary. 

Clear Away the Clutter

Clutter can make your home look dirty and small, even if it's quite spacious and has been recently cleaned. Use organizing systems like shelves and baskets to get your clutter up off the ground and out of sight. Closet organizers can increase the amount of useable storage space in a closet, giving you plenty of room to put away your clothes and other loose items.

Make Space in Small Rooms

Many homeowners make the mistake of populating small rooms with big pieces of furniture. Small spaces can seem cramped and claustrophobic because large pieces of furniture diminish walkways and reduce open floor space. If possible, remove that overly large bed from your tiny guest room, or replace that big dining room table with something smaller and more quaint. If this is not an option, use mirrors on the walls to obscure the true dimensions of the room, and push the furniture to the side to open up floor space in the middle of the room.

Bring the Outside In

Homes that lack fresh air and natural lighting have a way of seeming dark and gloomy. Replace your heavy curtains with sheers, to bring in as much natural light as possible. Remove anything obstructing the view out your windows--whether that's a piece of furniture inside the room, or a shrub on the outside of your house.

If the weather permits, open the windows in your home before open house events and viewings. Finally, use fresh flowers or custom silk flower arrangements from providers, such as Primrose and Poppy, to brighten your coffee tables and countertops, making each room beautiful and inviting. 

With your home properly staged, potential buyers should find your property to be attractive and desirable. This makes the selling process easier, and may allow you to sell your home for more money.