Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music
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Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a musical person. At the age of seven, I started taking piano lessons. When I was a teenager, I began singing solos at community events. Not surprisingly, I adore wind chimes. Every time the wind blows, these beautiful music makers spring into action. Their soothing, melodious, and high pitched sound calms and refreshes me. I am amazed at the amount of eclectic wind chimes available for sale at various retailers. One can enjoy the music of pig, cat, or even seashell themed wind chimes. If you know someone who enjoys natural harmonies, wind chimes make a perfect gift. On this blog, you will discover how to buy the right set of wind chimes for your loved one. Enjoy!

Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Free Vs. Purchased Business Leads: How The Difference Affects Your Home Based Business

Tyler Morgan

There are two approaches to getting home based business leads: free and purchased. Both affect how you do business, and what you can gain. If you are still trying to make a profit by generating your own leads, you may be working harder than you really need to work. Consider free leads and purchased leads before you continue sweating and researching your own leads.

Free Leads

These are the leads for which someone else has already done the work. Some people make it their business to find dozens of leads for people like you. You may be skeptical about why anyone would not use the leads he or she has already generated rather than give them to a total stranger for free. Well, the answer is one of two things:

  • The leads are guaranteed income for the products and/or services you are selling. If and when they pan out, your free lead source may request that you give him or her a cut of the profits, usually something small.
  • The leads are truly free, but you have to attend a webinar or buy a resource manual that tells you where to go to get your leads.
  • Someone else failed at their business, which is similar to yours, and wants to give you their leads to see if they will help you.

In all of these scenarios, the leads themselves are free, but there is a cost tagged on the end. If the cost is something you can afford and do not mind paying, the leads you start with will only generate more leads, which creates profit.

Purchased Leads

These are leads that are also guaranteed, but they are tried and true leads that have been in business with your source for a while. They are interested in your products or services, and they urgently want to take orders. Purchased leads are often expensive, and not something you want to jump into right away, especially if you are just starting your home-based business. Unless you have the extra income to invest, you hear of a really good deal on purchasable leads, or your business is stable enough that you can afford purchasing leads, then you might want to go with free leads instead.

A Word to Both the Greenhorn and the Wise

Be careful where you get your leads from. Not all marketing leads companies are legitimate, and some of the online ones are just downright scams. Go to a trusted source, one which has been in business for several years and has helped many home-based business owners achieve their dreams.