Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music
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Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a musical person. At the age of seven, I started taking piano lessons. When I was a teenager, I began singing solos at community events. Not surprisingly, I adore wind chimes. Every time the wind blows, these beautiful music makers spring into action. Their soothing, melodious, and high pitched sound calms and refreshes me. I am amazed at the amount of eclectic wind chimes available for sale at various retailers. One can enjoy the music of pig, cat, or even seashell themed wind chimes. If you know someone who enjoys natural harmonies, wind chimes make a perfect gift. On this blog, you will discover how to buy the right set of wind chimes for your loved one. Enjoy!

Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

4 Tips For Packing For A Miami Summer Vacation

Tyler Morgan

A summer vacation to Miami means packing the right clothing. Even though you know that cool clothing is needed, you want to make sure you do not stand out like all the other vacationers. Here are some pointers on choosing fashions for a Miami getaway.

Consider Your Itinerary

What you plan to do and where you are travelling is important. What is appropriate in one setting might not be in another. For instance, wearing heels to a nightclub is a great choice, but if you plan to sightsee with the family, you will need more sensible shoe options. Write out your itinerary and you can note what you plan to wear next to each event. Doing this also helps to keep you from over-packing.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Of course you know to pack plenty of suntan lotion, but your clothes can also help protect you from harmful sunlight. It is important that you pack cool blouses and shirts that have sleeves. As you travel from location to location, the sleeves can help cover your skin so you do not have to keep stressing over putting on suntan lotion. It also helps keep you dry since the early weeks of the Miami summer is part of the rainy season. Include a light jacket to wear inside. The cooled air might prove to be too chilly for you.

Mix It Up

Miami is bright and colorful and so are the fashions. Instead of plain clothing, look for patterns. Florals work great in Miami. The great thing about florals is that you can wear them to practically any occasion. Bright colors are also a good choice. Be smart about the bright colors though. Avoid wearing a neon top and bottom. It could draw more attention than you wanted or needed.

Leave Room for Shopping

The best place to find affordable Miami fashion is in Miami. While you are on vacation, take advantage of the budget friendly fashions available. You can even pick up expert advice from sales reps on what is and is not trendy in Miami right now.

For instance, bathing suits are for more than swimming in Miami. You can make a fashion statement with your bathing suit by choosing unusual fabrics, patterns, or prints.

The most important thing to do on your vacation in Miami is to have fun. However, it never hurts to pick up fashionable souvenirs to wear throughout the trip.