Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music
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Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a musical person. At the age of seven, I started taking piano lessons. When I was a teenager, I began singing solos at community events. Not surprisingly, I adore wind chimes. Every time the wind blows, these beautiful music makers spring into action. Their soothing, melodious, and high pitched sound calms and refreshes me. I am amazed at the amount of eclectic wind chimes available for sale at various retailers. One can enjoy the music of pig, cat, or even seashell themed wind chimes. If you know someone who enjoys natural harmonies, wind chimes make a perfect gift. On this blog, you will discover how to buy the right set of wind chimes for your loved one. Enjoy!

Wind Chimes, the Gift of Music

Little Workspace, Big Impact: Simple Ways You Can Make Your Small Workspace Lovely And Efficient

Tyler Morgan

Is your workspace small, drab, and uninspiring? Whether you spend your days working in a tiny cubicle at your office or in the corner of a room at home, not having a lot of space to work in can cramp your decorating style.

However, just because you are short on space doesn't mean you have to settle for anything less than a beautiful and efficient workspace. With a little creativity, your tiny space can make a big impact.

Pick a theme

When you decorate an entire room, you typically begin by choosing a specific decorating theme. You should do the same when decorating your office space.

Think outside the office. What inspires you? What hobbies do you enjoy? Think about the things you find beautiful, and don't be afraid to go with a unique theme.

Splurge on a few designer items

Select a few desk items that match your theme and splurge on them. A few good quality or unique items will help maximize your office impact. For instance, look for designer desk accessories such as pencil holders, magazine holders, computer mouse or mouse pad, or a leather desk planner in a color to match your theme.

Purchase one nice picture or inspirational saying to display on the wall near your desk.

Add a few books

What books have had an impact on you personally? Pick two or three books to display on your desk and don't settle for boring metal book ends traditionally seen in offices. Shop for cool book ends to use when displaying your books. Choose book ends to match your theme if possible or select ones that would make good conversation pieces.

Books make great desk decorations, and seeing your favorite books on display can inspire and encourage you throughout your workday.  

Organize wisely

When decorating a small space, you must utilize every inch of space wisely without overdoing it. Place a large bulletin board behind the desk to use as a message center for notes and memos. Slim baskets make great wall organizers.

Rather than putting photos on your desktop, use a section of the bulletin board for displaying family photos.

Stacking storage boxes will keep files and papers out of sight. Magazine holders can double as additional storage space for files. Portable file totes are perfect alternatives for small spaces and can be purchased in many designs and colors.

Finishing touches

A colorful pillow or a small quilt will add a cozy look to your office chair. You may want to consider replacing standard knobs or handles on desk drawers with designer brands to add a professional look to an at-home workspace.

A well decorated workspace, no matter how small, can be lovely and inspiring. Pick your theme, splurge a little on some things you love, and be a smart organizer. With just a few simple changes, you can have a workspace that will make even the toughest workday a little lovelier.